•  ETSAM-Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura- Universidad Politécnica, Madrid. 1995-2002


  • CEV, Madrid.
  • FOTOGRAM, Amsterdam.
  • IEFC, Barcelona.
  • IDEP -postgraduate in Fashion photography, Barcelona.


  • Teatrestudis International School, Barcelona. 2006-2008. Full time 2 years. Jacques Lecoq technique.


2010 SFR Jeunes Talents. Rencontres d’Arles official program (France)

2010 SFR Grand Prix 2010, finalist (Paris, France)

2010 Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña, finalist (Madrid, Spain)

2010 Photomeeting Ojo de Pez, 10 best portfolios (Barcelona, Spain)

2010 Month of Photography Bratislava, 15 best portfolios (Bratislava, Slovakia)

2010 SFR MAP10, finalist (France)

2010 SCOOP Photojournalism Festival, finalist (France)

2010 Viewbook Photostory contest, honourable mention (International online platform)

2010 PixMo award, “La Laboral” centre of Art of Gijon, Spain, first prize (Asturias, Spain)

2011 Sony awards, section “Photojournalism and documentary”- “People”, third prize (London, England)

2011 Le Prix Exchange of Boutographies (Montpellier, France)

2011 Prix Coup de Coeur Rencontres d’Arles portfolios (Arles, France)

2011 IPA, International Photography Awards, first prize “Book/People”, third prize “Nature”, 2      honourable mentions.

2011 Lensculture International Exposure Award, honourable mention (contemporary photography network, Amsterdam, NL)

2011 Thecolorawards, nominated in 3 categories

2011 Kyosato Museum of Photographic arts-KMOPA, Young Portfolio acquisition (Japan)

2011 International Loupe Awards, silver and bronze awards

2011 The Terry O’Neill Award, third prize

2012 Critical Mass, finalist

2012 Art residency at Halsnoy Kloster, Sunnhordland Museum (Halsnoy, Norway)

2012 Coup de Coueur ANI at Visa pour l’image (Perpignan, France)

2012 PDN's 30: New and Emerging Photographers to Watch, nominated

2013 Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013, finalist (Łódź, Poland)

2013 Selected Participant in Review Santa (Fe Santa Fe, USA)

2013 IPA, International Photography Awards, first prize, three honourable mentions

2018 Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards, Grand Prize, “Reindeer Man” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2018 Kuala Lumpur Photo Awards, finalist, “Tribes” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2018 LensCulture Street Photography Awards, Jury’s choice prize, “Tribes” (Amsterdam, NL)

2018 PX3, portrait art and documentary,gold, silver and bronze awards (Paris, France)

2018 One Eyeland, fashion and documentary selected 10 ten Spain “Tribute to bata” (USA)

2018 AFAR’s Travel Photography Awards, juror´s prize, “Tribes”


2010 Rencontres d’Arles, SFR prize, “Tribes” (Arles, France)

2010 Gallery Dominique Charlet Photography Festival of Pingyao, “Equation” (China)

2010 Tagomago gallery, Paris Photooff, La Belleveillose, “Tribes” (Paris, France)

2010 SCAN Festival “Talent Latent”, “Tribes” (Tarragona, Spain)

2010 Lille 3000, “Tribes” (Lille,France)

2010 Centro de la Imagen “España Contemporánea”, “Tribes” (México)

2010 Festival Kaunas “Spanish photography”, “Tribes”, screen show (Lithuania)

2010 Photo Meeting Ojo de Pez, “Ten best portpholios”, Tribes, screen show (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 “La Laboral” centre of Art of Gijon, PixMo award, “Jump” (Asturias, Spain)

2011 Tagomago Gallery, “Tribes” (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Somerset House, WPO- Sony Awards, “Tribes” (London, UK)

2011 Festival de photographie de Toulouse, SFR Jeune Talents, “Tribes” (Toulouse, France)

2011 Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, Boutographies gallery, “Tribes” (France)

2011 Madrid Photo art fair, Tagomago Gallery, “Tribes” (Madrid, Spain)

2011 Summershow Photo 8, “Tribes” (London, UK)

2011 Belfast Photo Festival, “Tribes” (Belfast, Ireland)

2011 Central Exhibition Hall Menege, “Species” / “Porc-no-Graphic” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

2011 Festival Fotoleggendo, “Tribes” (Rome, Italy)

2011 SplashlightStudios, “Best of Show”, “Tribes” Lensculture (New York, USA)

2011 Chelsea Museum, WPO- Sony Awards, “Tribes” (New York, USA)

2011 Hot Shoe Gallery, The Terry O’Neill Award, “Tribes” (London, UK)

2011 Sète Photo Festival, “Spanish photography now”, “Species” / “Tribes”, screen show (Sète, France)

2012 Kiyosato museum of Photographic Art – KMOPA, Permanent collection (Japan)

2012 Real Sociedad Fotográfica, “Demokratic Portraits” (Madrid, Spain)

2012 Festival FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA, “Common Life” (Italy)

2012 FNAC les Ternes, Prize Coup de Coeur Rencontres d’Arles, “Tribes” (Paris)

2012 SIPF-Singapore International Photo Festival, “Tribes” (Singapore)

2012 Le Mur Rouge Gallery, “Tribes” (Montpellier, France)

2012 FestFoto, “Tribes” (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

2013 FNAC Gallerie, Prize Coup de Coeur Rencontres d’Arles, “Tribes” (Toulouse, France)

2013 Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, Critical Mass prize, “Tribes” (Atlanta, Georgia)

2013 Southeast Museum of Photography, Critical Mass prize, “Tribes” (Daytona Beach, Florida)

2013 Fotofestiwal, “Species” (Łódź, Poland)

2013 Seoul Photo, as part of KMOPA collection (Coex, Seoul)

2013 Photoville, Brooklyn and Southampton Center, "Adventures Across the Seven Seas" screen show (New York, USA)

2013 Fundación Mapfre, “Historia de España a través de la Fotografía” (Madrid, Spain)

2013 Splashlight Studios International Photo Awards IPA “Best of Show” Lensculture annual traveling exhibit, Curated by the IPA Head of Judges and Co-Chair of the Lucie Awards, Susan Baraz (New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Bangkok)

2013 United Photo Industries, Curator Elisabeth Biondi, Sam Barzilay, “Tribes” (NY, USA)

2013 Encontros da Imagem, "Love will tear us apart", “Tribes” (Braga, Portugal)

2013 Halsnoy Kloster, artists in residence, “Reindeer Man” (Halsnoy, Norway)

2014 Kaunas Photo Festival, “Museum” (Lithuania)

2014 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum. B1 Gallery. “Basically Museum” as part of KMOPA collection (Tokyo, Japan)

2016 Photolucida, “Tribes” (China)

2016 Brookyn Museum, exhibition and book, “Who shot Sports”, “Herri Kirolak” (NY, USA)

2016 Thames and Hudson, exhibition and book, “Family Photography Now”, “Tribes” (USA)

2017 Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, as part of KMOPA collection, “Beginnings, Forever” (Tokyo, Japan)

2017 Tampa Museum of Art (Florida), Olympic Museum (Switzerland), Allentown Art Museum (Pennsylvania). As part of “Who shot sports”, “Herri Kirolak” exhibition by Gail Buckland.

2018 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, as part of KMOPA collection, “Beginnings, Forever” (Taiwan)

2018 White Box Gallery at PUBLIKA, Kuala Lumpur Grand Prize, “Reindeer Man” and “Tribes” (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2018 Sunhorland Museum, permanent photography collection from artists in residence, “Reindeer Man” (Norway)

2018 DocField Photo Festival, “Family portraits” (Barcelona, Spain)

2018 PX3 Prize exhibition (Paris)


2010 Photo-International (Germany)

2010 XL SEMANAL Magazine (Spain)

2011 Plot architecture magazine, assignment and publication (Argentina)

2011 Artvas Magazine (Korea)

2011 Esquire digital Magazine (Russia)

2011 The Sunday Times Magazine (UK)

2011 Time Magazine, assignments and publications (USA)

2011 Iodonna (Italy)

2011 Gea Photowords (France)

2011 Philosophie Magazine (France)

2011 AZART photographie (France)

2011 F2 photo Magazine (UK)

2011 Burn Magazine

2012 La Voz de Galicia (Spain)

2012 Soud Ouest Journal (France)

2012 Foto&Video Magazine (Russia)

2012 Artzine (Korea)

2012 Le Monde de la Photo (France)

2012 Actunphoto (France)

2012 (France)

2012 Foto Cult (Italy)

2012 TIME Magazine, Lightbox, Moors and Christians (USA)

2012 TIME Magazine, Lightbox, Tribes (USA)

2012 Yorokobu Magazine, Tribes

2012 Wired Magazine, Raw File, Tribes (USA)

2013 TIME Magazine, Herri Kirolak (USA)

2013 TIME Magazine, Phillip Glass (USA)

2013 Wired Magazine, Raw File, Species (USA)

2013 Rangefinder Magazine, interview

2013 Internazionale online Magazine, Herri Kirolak (Italy)

2013 GEO, Herri Kirolak (France)

2014 La Marea, Tribus (Spain)

2015 El Periódico de Cataluña, El Dominical magazine, Tribes (Spain)

2017 WeltN24, assignment on Independence of Catalonia (Germany)

2018 The Spiegel online, Tribes (Germany)

2018 De Volkskrant, Tribes (Netherlands)

2018 Digital SLR, Species (Malaysia)


Rencontres d’Arles 2010, catalog

SFR-Jeunes Talents catalog

Talent-latent. Scan Tarragona 2010

Pingyao Photo festival 2010, catalog cover and content

Descubrimientos Photoespaña 2010, book

Boutographies-Montpellier 2011, catalog

Photo8 2011,

IPA 2011,

KMoPA Young Talents Adquisitions,

Sony World Photography Awards 2011. WPO.

Historia de España a través de la Fotografía, 2013. Fundación Mapfre

“Who shot Sports” book. By Gail Buckland and Brookyn Museum, 2016

“Family Photography now”, Thames & Hudson, 2016, cover and content

“The best of Lens Culture” 2018, book


Advanced techniques on lighting (Flash, studio, on-location and natural light) 

Visual language 

Mobile photography for professional photographers

  •  FUGA-CFD Center of Documentary Photography (Barcelona)
  •  Francesc Catalá-Roca Espai de fotografía (Barcelona)