This is the CROWDFUNDING COLLECTION. Signed limited-edition pictures at a popular prize. Available at 50 €.

Esta es la COLECCION CROWDFUNDING. Una edición limitada y firmada a precio popular. Disponibles a 50 € .

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This project plays tribute to a very specific kind of woman. The bata is a working dress that she wears. 

I want to give her a voice.

She was the matriarch in a strongly patriarchal society. Raised to take care of their family, she rarely ever had the chance to even think about her own possible dreams. We talk about an unrepresented and unappreciated group. I want to give her the homage that she deserves.

This type of woman is in danger of extinction, just as the bata is. In my culture, Europe, they are the last generation. Times are changing. 

These photo sessions are a creative adventure where these women enter a state of playfulness without even realizing it. I take their portrait in their villages, inside their houses and places of work. They break their strong mental and time routines. They get transformed and they in turn transform their environment. 

I create a magic zone where the bata women feel free to express their creative craziness during our sessions.  The bata is the point around which my study revolves. From there, I analyze gender issues, sociopolitical changes in society and human landscapes.

Humor is an important component in my work. It is the entry door to reach different levels of interpretation. I create sociological portraits. I call my documentary style “Antropología Fantástica”. This is an ongoing project formed by chapters. Here I show pictures from  chapter-1. They are taken in Villarmienzo, an almost desert town from deep Spain. 6 female inhabitants in their 70’s are my models, and  chapter-2. In Galicia