EQUATION functions like a chemical experiment. Just as in Chemistry, where elements are mixed to observe their reactions.

In this photographic venture, I blend human individuals and submerge them within an unfamiliar element: water.

Spatial references vanish and the subjects move through an undefined space, a limbo. They try to follow my instructions, but they end up moving without control. This is the place where I take my subjects in order to obtain an unvoluntary choreography. Body expression masks fall apart, and the possible truths get revealed.

Randomness and the speech of the body is the subject of my study.

The characters are chosen for who they are and/or the relationship they have between them and/or for who they represent in terms of stereotype. In this instance, the equation's variables are a father and his daughter: a 60-year-old businessman and a 20-year-old punk girl.

This series is designed to have multiple chapters. The one we see here is the first, and I hope to create more at some point in my life.

Composition, black and white contrasts, and lines of tension uncover profound facets of their identities. Next to each other, whether contrasting or similar, elements emanate distinct brilliance. Black appears even darker juxtaposed with white.

This series aligns with my conceptual approach, "Antropología Fantástica," a thread woven through my previous works.