This is a documentary of the Reindeer-Man’s search for his own identity that impulse him to take to the road. The action, in the form of road movie takes place in Norway and through adventures of the strange caracter the viewer explores a social landscape, a document, at the same time the narrative imagination fly into multiple possible directions.

There is no script. It is a real expedition where unknown people found in the way have stopped their everyday activities to create a fable out of a curious meeting.

I give my images a cinematographic touch. In this way, my subjects become my actors, landscapes look like sets and an intriguing surrealism shapes the documentary into a strange fiction.

This graphic novel takes the shape of a comic strip. A few dozens of pictures relate the trip of a Reindeer-man 

Reindeer Man possesses an infallible superpower: the common-sense-reconfigurer. When, beneath its gentle appearance, Reindeer Man stealthily infiltrates an everyday scene, it challenges the inertia of that context by revealing, inevitably, the invisible frameworks from which the common sense of its inhabitants is organized. The moment Reindeer Man settles in an environment, the decrees that govern both routines and traditions become evident, the prevailing orders of perception and the inventories of reality. 

Reindeer Man is an interference in common sense: under its presence, the invisible filters (and thus unquestioned) that we usually assume automatically, and through which the certain criteria of order and the nature of the everyday are distributed and defined, become apparent. This is how Reindeer Man deploys a strategy of encounter that momentarily suspends the present state of things by subverting concrete descriptions of reality and opening up the possibility for them to be replaced by unprecedented imaginaries. We will never be the same after the visit of Reindeer Man.

Uriel Fogué

For a few years now, I've been pursuing what I term "Antropología Fantástica." Rooted in documentary foundations, I infuse a touch of fantasy that illuminates the everyday and lifts it to a state of exception. Achieving this involves unique lighting, direction, and conceptual approach. 

In this case the fantastic element takes shape as the inclusion of a character, Reindeer-Man. He serves as a catalyst, bridging his essence with the tangible world and engaging with complete strangers.