The planet is experiencing a problem of a huge magnitude. The economic system is damaged and everyone is at home.

At the end of March 2020  photographing people all over the world inside their homes. I am traveling around the world from my own living room. My photographs, taken through and with computer screens is my logbook, my way of trying to understand what is happening globally. It is a great puzzle made up complex mini pieces. This is history in the making, gathering little stories from around the world, in a unique way. 

I am confined in my Barcelona flat with my 6-year-old daughter. We play a game on our balcony. We use a mirror to reflect sunlight into our neighbors’ apartments. This gave me the idea to document this great event.

How do I enter someone else’s home during a quarantine? How do I do it technically? First, I make a video call with someone who has agreed to participate in my project. I direct the shoot as if it was a movie and it ends with a screenshot. The pixilated  image reflects the times in which we live. The composition is delicate, cinematographic. All this happens with the cooperation of the models using an improvised language. It is not easy, but it is working.

This is a philosophical and experimental approach to photography storytelling. I´ve set a teleworking challenge: How much control over one´s work and vision can a documentary photographer have when she can´t even be on site or touch a camera? The photos are taken remotely, through the most popular means of communicating with each other in this period of social isolation: The screen and the internet.

The virus has reached every corner of the planet using globalization as a means of transportation. As a globalized person, how far can I go by jumping from contact to contact (without using social networks)? So far I have collected over 120 stories on 5 continents and the project continues to grow. I cover all social classes and races: Inuits in Canada; frontline doctors and essential workers; refugees, middle and upper classes; activists, artists, Olympic athletes, loners; people living in skyscrapers, caves, and circuses.  I exponentially meet them in my way.

I also include some essential workers (new concept) in their work places.

Next to each portrait, I show the view from the person’s window (streets in Florida, market in Ghana, skyscrapers in Singapore, town in Mexico, the jungle in Colombia, the sea around a Pacific island, the broken streets of Yemen, empty Madrid, or the mountains of the Pyrenees…). There are interviews, photos and videos of the houses that people show previous to the session.

This is a documentary-poetic work made up of many eclectic pieces. It is the story of my own confinement and my need to understand the mechanisms shaping the world, now truly perceived as our home.

Each country has been affected in a different way and the measures taken have been adapted to the circumstances. This story just started. This is an inflection point. The consequences are difficult to predict. 

I want to continue telling this global narrative this time through concatenated stories. Like in a domino game where one piece affects the next one.

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